Hi Stephen,

i just thought you might want to add another to the reader submissions. By the way sorry i don't have any biketrials memrobia on my bike or anything =( but the pics are of me at a demo practice for a racing organization up in canada b.c. their website is . for the info part of it

my name is Keith Howitt
Im a expert class rider
I also ride a Norco team trials 99 edition
and just to let you know the little kid sitting underneath me while im dropping is the ever so famous Stevie Baia!!
just to let you know that kid is getting amazingly good
at one of our rides he got up a rock half a foot over his head hieght of course i made the rock with a half pedal stroke up but just think about that if me or you or anyone could do over head hieght rocks everytime thats crazy
but anyways for the rest of the info
im 15 and in my first year of highschool (grade 10)
and thats about it
hope u like the pics
and by the way of love your site
very nice to see updates so often