I really like trials riding, but I don't really have a trials bike. I am into more big drops, urban assault, north shore typed ridding. So when it came time to buy a new bike I got a bike I could do both trails and north shore riding on. My bike is set up more like a north shore hardcore rig.

I entered the OTS#4 trials comp, witch was my first comp ever. 5 min before my first run my free hub blew up. Luckily I work at a shop called Spokes ‘n’ Slops that was hosting the comp, so I ran down the street, ripped apart my rear hub, threw in a new free hub, spud grease in there hopping no barring fell out, and sprinted back to the comp. I was dead tired. They were waiting on me, so I couldn't take a break. The very first thing on the course was 3 foot box you had to hop on. What did I do? Over shot the whole thing and went right over the bars. Fived out on that one.

In the end I finished 4th, which wasn’t bad I guess. I hope to do some more comps.

Hear are some pics of me at the comp.

Go big or go home,

James Forbes


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