Hello Stephen:
I´m Enric from Barcelona (Spain). I have received your Video-CD that I bought on your site. I´m very surprised with it because I don´t know anything about USA Biketrial. I think you have a very good level and there are some pilots that are very spectaculars. I have a Monty B-221 X-Lite with the frame in blue color.I´m 29 years. I live very few kilometers far from Monty factory and one of my best friends in Biketrial´s world is César Cañas. Well, Thanks to send me your video so quickly and I hope you´ll made another different videos because I´ll buy all of them.

Here, I send to you a photo of me in action (four years ago, I haven´t recent photos)

Best regards
Enric Gibert

Enric showing off his sticker!

Hello Stephen : Yes, I know César so well , He has come to my home a lot of times. In summer, he is living in a country house 1 kilometer far from my summer house and we ride our motorbikes togheter.Sometimes we practice Biketrials togheter,too. Well, I send to you a photo that my brither made for a extreme magazine report in Spain.I´ll send to you another photos of César a lot of spectaculars and photos of another rider called Jordi Rubio that is incredible.

Jordi Rubio on top of a bus, about to gap...


Jordi Rubio

Hello Stephen :
Well : I knew César 10 years ago ( at the beginning of his rider´s life).He drove his bycicle different that the other pilots and his style was more eleganter than the others. All the people in Spain knew that there was a pilot called OT PI that was the best and César had a lot of problems with Monty and the people to show, that he was better than Ot. When in any place there was an exhibition or a show in T.V. ,....... always was Ot the only pilot. At first, César was a little beat discouraged but one day he change the situation.
He wrote his curriculum vitae , and sent it to the most important enterprises to offer his services like a showman.Actually ,he has make a show with Ot. The name is "Bike Show Team" and they are thinking about climb up to the Empire State Building with his bycicles.

César begins his day at 7.00 AM. He write curriculums and make phone calls to different people. he practice two or three times in the week and every weekend he is travelling around Europe in different shows and exhibitions. Now he is testing the new front disk brake system in his Monty .He says that is much better than hidraulic system , and it´s incredible when you ride into the water.There are one little problem with the caliper but in a short time it will be OK.Two years ago he had a Honda CBR 600 and we ride together because I have one CBR 600 too. Now He has an enduro bike.He has a Yamaha XT600. He has one Trial bike (GAS GAS 250) and he makes incredible things with his GAS GAS. Well,I´m finishing the first chapter.I´ll send to you a lot of photos of César.I´ll try to speak with César to talk about you.

Ah!!! The photo was made in Barcelona´s beach and first of all he climbed up to that cutted palm tree and began to jump with the rear wheel and after he changed to front wheel and in this moment my brother pushed the switch of his camera.Sorry for my english mistakes but I don´t practice often.I send to you the first collection of photos.
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