Choosing between stock and mod

Both modified and stock trials bikes have pros and cons:

Modified (20" wheels)
    • Superb standover clearance
    • Easily manueverable in most every circumstance, especially anything rear wheel
    • Less expensive
      • Less parts to break
      • Nearly impossible to bend the rim of a well-built 19" rear mod wheel running enough tire pressure
      • Learn to sidehop up to both sides without worrying about a rear derailleur
    • Some people may think it's a BMX bike
    • A pain to ride more than a mile or two on
    • May be harder to find parts for it
    • Harder to roll down things
    • Easier to go over the handlebars (but less scary when you do)
    • Doing wedge or wheelbase moves is less comfortable
Stock (26" wheels)
    • More stable
    • Bigger wheels = roll everything easier
    • Easier to do wedge or wheelbase moves
    • Easier to pedal-kick on odd surfaces because of the larger diameter wheel
    • You can ride to your riding spot easily (if you have a seat and working gears)
    • Looks more like a mountain bike
    • People won't ask you to "grind" stuff or think you do BMX vert or street
    • Bigger bike = less standover clearance = pain if you fall on the bike
    • Easy to hit knees on top-tube of most bikes
    • Less room to work with for bending down before sidehopping, bunnyhopping, etc. or when absorbing landings
    • More expensive because of greater frequency of breakage and more parts to break
      • Rear derailleurs - easy to smash into things (though most bikes have replaceable derailleur hangers that will bend before the derailleur is broken)
      • Wheels - 26" size = easier to get out of true or taco (20" wheels are extremely hard to ruin when built and used properly)
      • Chain can slip down or up a gear while you ride if your chain is too loose, or you smack your derailleur in section and break it
    • Heavier