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UCI 2001 World Bike Trials Championships Finals

Introduction CD 5 features great video footage from the UCI 2001 World Bike Trials Championships Finals. Elite (over 18) 20" and 26", as well as Junior (18 and under - incredible riders, as well!) 20" and 26". Watch the world's best riders riding the craziest sections Beaver Creek, Colorado could offer! You'll see Dani Comas, Bruno Arnold, Kenny Belay, Marc Caisso, Rafal Kumorowski, Petr Kraus, Marco Hsel, Powel Reczek, Benito Ros Charral... What these guys can do will simply blow your mind! You'll also see Bruno Arnold (world sidehop record holder - 122 cm) and Benito Ros Charral battle it out in a sidehop competition, stock vs. mod! You even get a bonus practice session with American superstar JJ Gregorowicz.

    CD 5 features a brand new video interface that stretches the video to fit your screen while allowing you to turn on slow-motion, move-looping (watch a move over and over again to learn!), and full screen mode! With this CD, you can play the whole CD from start to finish without interruption! And, just like the other CDs, you can watch any particular clip you want instantly. CD 5 contains 67 minutes of high-quality video that fills up a long-format (700 MB!) CD-ROM! If you can only afford one CD, this is the one to get!

    Check out photos from the event here!

Here's what's on the CD...

    UCI 2001 World Bike Trials Championships

    Elite 20" Finals Video

    Elite 26" Finals Video

    Junior 20" Finals Video

    Junior 26" Finals Video

    Sidehop Competition (Benito Ros Charral clears 120 cm!)

    JJ Gregorowicz practice session Video

    Full Results (from


    Wow, thanks for the cd's, they were amazing!!! I loved the fact that you were able and willing to come out here to Colorado to cover the worlds... It seems like trials is never as important as other aspects of the cycling. I couldn't be everywhere at once up there (maybe you saw me, the goofy kid with the huge sombrero...) so it was really great to see what i missed out on while at other sections. Now i know what to aim for in the future (but who am i kidding. those guys are worlds ahead of anything i will probably ever do- i mean, Matt said it best when Rafal K. finished - "you gotta be kidding me!" well, anyways- keep up the great work and i hope to see what you have in store for us all with the site!

    -Kevin Shiramizu
    White Raven Film Productions

    Hi Stephen, last week i received the new CD. My expectations were not disappointed, great stuff on it. Im looking forward to the next CDs. I also intend to order a second T-Shirt. Hope to read soon of CD 6...

    Have a nice time!
    Andr (from Germany)

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