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Cris Santos coming down from about 13 feet
(505 K)

Introduction CD #4 features video footage from the United States (California and Hawaii) and France. Like CD #2, this CD has footage from both competitions and from fun/practice rides (as requested!). Funny crashes and light-hearted humor gives this CD more personality. Like the first 3 CD's, this CD is made up of short, individual video clips following one rider through one section... You can watch whatever clip you want, whenever you want to, instantly! All the old abilities remain - slow-motion, move-looping... All the great tools for learning to ride like your favorite riders! CD #4 contains 66 minutes of high-quality video that fills up a long-format (700 MB!) CD!
Here's what's on the CD...
    Mammoth 2000 Competition - Nelson Reis, Christiano Santos, Thomas Oehler, JJ Gregorowicz, Jeff Lenosky, Shaun Miller, Jeremy VanSchoonhoven, Lance Trappe, Mike Steidley

    Mammoth 2000 Dual Trials - All of the above (minus Nelson, Jeremy, and Mike), plus Chris Clark, Koshi Kiminori, Tony Fernandez, and Stephen Maeder crashing

    Mammoth Practice and funny stuff - Nelson Reis doing backflips, JJ making mototrials noises, Garen Becker manualling, Christiano Santos dropping 13 feet...

    Keyesville 2000 Competition - Shaun Miller, Scott Thompson, Jeremy VanSchoonhoven, Andrew Fulton

    France Practice - Cesar Canas, Ot Pi, and Eddie Tongue

    Hawaii Fun Rides - Stephen Maeder and Nathan Goodhue

    Southern California Trials Demo - Scott Thompson

    Redondo Beach Fun Ride - Scott Thompson (and more random funny stuff!)

    Los Angeles Fun Ride - Stephen Maeder and David Brodowski

    A PC or Macintosh with a CD-ROM drive. CD will not play in standalone VideoCD or DVD players!
    Recommended: Latest versions of Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player.

Thomas Oehler
(763 K)

Cristiano Santos
(601 K)

Mike Steidley
(233 K)

JJ Gregorowicz
(787 K)

Clips of Christiano Santos and Nelson Reis (643 K)