USC Ride - May 21, 1999

Who: Mod Trials: Polo (Mototecnia), Steve, and myself (Stephen). BMX (street, flatland): Eric (Jesus), Jon, Auggie (Quamen pro flatlander), Brian

We met at 8 pm'ish at the Denny's parking lot (near Jefferson and McClintock). After dinking around waiting for people to show up, we went into campus. There's some pretty rad stuff to play with on campus. Pathetic when compared to UCLA, though, and no natural stuff... There is a cool fountain thing, though, right near Jefferson. There's a wheelbase-wide wide ledge going all the way around the fountain (pretty large), then this weird structure in the middle of the fountain, all pointy and curvy, a wheelbase gap away (land on a point of the star)... Not too bad to get all the way around, all the bmx'ers thought it was cool because I was balancing so close to the water (I think it was around knee-deep). All I have to say is that Polo and Steve wouldn't touch it... Must be water-phobic or something... ;-p There was also a 28" rear-wheel only up (had to rear-wheel) which Steve commanded me to do. He never made it up successfully... I got it on my 3rd try. There was the option after getting up to the top (5 foot cement ledge) to drop about a wheelbase and a half down to a wheelbase-wide square table, I thought about it, but decided against it... Once I got down, I checked it on foot, and was glad I didn't drop to it, it was very wobbly... Steve did a rear-wheel drop off a roof-top about 5.5 feet, which the bmx'ers were pretty ecstatic about, thought they just went up there, picked up speed and dropped the heck off of it... No style... hahaha Another interesting spot was this 2 foot tall pole thingy, probably about 5 inches in diameter, I'm guessing, but realistically just big enough for your rear-tire, being spherical and all.. I popped my front tire up on it, thought about it, then went straight up to rear wheel and down. That's pretty much all there is worth mentioning.. Although there was this one section I saw that I couldn't do.. (A challenge to all pro's out there... it'd be pretty rad video footage.). At Jefferson and the light just past McClintock, there's a fountain, with a puddle of water around it (mod bike bottom bracket deep!), and an up to the smallest of four slightly bigger than wheelbase square concrete fountains (which was a couple inches higher than my handlebars). I tried to left-foot dab up in this corner, but couldn't get all my weight over my foot, so I had to hop back on my bike and get out of the water... Just got my right foot pretty soaked.. My shoes (Axions) are in the dryer right now actually and I need to get them out! Ciao!