Dykstra Stairjump

Dykstra - Tallest, oldest dorm at UCLA at 10 floors

East stairwell arrangement - 7 stairs, 90 degree left turn for 3 more stairs, then another left turn for 6 more stairs. 16 stairs per floor. 9 flights to go up from the bottom (1st floor). 144 stairs. Very narrow. West stairwell is the same except it makes right turns instead of left.

    5/24/99 - 9:35 (West stairwell) - no dabs
    6/7/99 - 6:30 (East stairwell) - 3 dabs (loose rear wheel messed me up! no bashguard - 18.8 lbs)
    11/29/99 - 6:15 (East stairwell) - 1 dab (no pedal rests) 11/29/99 - 6:00 (East stairwell) - no dabs (no pedal rests)
11/29/99 - Story of third attempt (third and fourth listing):
Didn't make my goal of 5:00, but I did blow away my old record, and did it with no dabs, so I'm happy! I'm going again in two days to try again... This time I went with a different approach to the stairs... Head on! My front wheel was always 3 stairs up from my rear wheel, which is almost going straight up the stairs! The stairwell is so narrow (read first attempt), I felt this would be the best way to go fast. My first time going, I dabbed right before the 4th floor (3 floors of going up). My second and third times, I did the same! That's almost 9 floors already! My fourth try, I almost made it to the 8th floor before dabbing, but went all the way to the 10th to finish it... Took a break and visited a friend, had some juice and water, and went back down... My final try, I made it all the way up to the top without a dab! I was exhausted, to say the very least... Adds up to 27 floors! Oh, this time, I put on my x-lite rear tire, and removed my brake booster and bashguard... So my bike weighed like 18.3 pounds... Oh, one problem with this head-on approach to stairs... if you hit the front tire on the next stair before your rear tire touches down, you'll slip back (and probably dab) for sure...

5/24/99 - Story of first attempt:
Yes, 9 minutes 35 seconds after starting at the 1st floor, I hopped my way up to the top of the 10th floor of Dykstra, taking no dabs, but a little more than 10 pedal-rests, with 3 of my friends enouraging me from behind! It was tough because it was so narrow... With the front wheel two stairs up from the rear, the wheels barely fit between the wall and the big lip at the edge of the stair, so every hop up had to be very precise, or I'd risk dabbing. I was sweating all over the place... I can't believe I made it! I'm going to have to go back sometime and do it faster... Whew! Oh yeah.. 19.3 pound Monty X-Lite's rule!!! ;-p Oh, had a cup of Cytomax 15 minutes before going. Did it help? I don't know... certainly didn't hurt, I felt great!