Diddy Reise "Demo" - 11:30 pm'ish Thursday May 27, 1999

    I rode with Jun Imai, John (beginning trialser), and Elon. First time riding with these guys. We were kicked off campus within 15 minutes by UCPD bike cops (never happens to me just doing trials, must be because Jun bunnyhops down 9 stairs and stuff on his decked-out full-suspension Intense... apparently people don't like people riding big 44 pound bikes at high speed and jumping big stuff... go fig...).

Diddy Reise "Demo" (not official, totally spontaneous)
    After riding around in Westwood an hour and a half or so, we stopped by Diddy Reise ($1 for a ice-cream cookie sandwich! $0.25 for a cookie or milk!) for some food before we went home. I bumped into some guys I know who are really cool and were hanging out with a bunch of people down in front of Diddy Reise on the sidewalk (they had come down from a house party that got broken up by cops for being too loud). They know I do trials and can do some cool stuff, so they say real loud, "Do some tricks!" I said, "Nah, I'm tired, I just came down for some food. I'm done riding." But they were really insistent and got the attention of everyone around, and what trialsinner is gonna pass up the opportunity to put on a show in front of an audience of about 30 rowdy college students?! I look around for any cops (this is the exact spot where my best friend got a freakin' jay-walking ticket, so you know cops are dicks in Westwood). I started hopping on my rear wheel, turned around and hopped over to one of my friends and let him spin my front wheel, then turned around some more and rested my front on a parking meter pole. Then I played around with my backpack some, which I had sitting on the sidewalk... Pivoted like 180 degrees on the front tire, just getting the rear over the backback and spinning around, sidehopping it and stuff. Then I played around with a wimpy plastic chair for a bit, dropping my front wheel onto it and balancing on it while chatting with the audience. One guy said, "Hey, can you get your rear tire into the chair?" I said, "I dunno... it's gonna be hard..." (Egging the audience on to encourage me)... The audience was pumped for this.. It took me about 10 tries to finally get my rear tire over the arm rest and down into chair. I thought I would lose the audience after missing it for the 5th time, but I kept getting really close to getting my tire over the arm rest (then it would get pushed away, cuz it was so light), and they were completely encouraging me... I paused for a bit, trackstanding and thinking about it, said, "Man! This is tougher than it looks!" Oh, while I was trying to get into the chair, this guy from the audience sticks out a dollar bill and I'm like no no, thanks, please, it's ok.. but he puts the bill in the seat. Ha.. Guess I'm a pro now, huh? If you make money doing something, you're a professional, technically, right? hahaha Anyway, I'm determined now, I set up, bring up the rear tire and squish it up into my butt, swing it over the arm rest and put the tire down nice and soft smack dab in the middle of the chair, to the cheers of the audience (such a great audience!), I sat there for about 5 seconds just balancing before coming out... Then I started doing some pivots and spins on my rear and stuff, and got some good height on straight-up "side"-hops, and wheelbase and a half sidehop gaps just on the sidewalk. I convinced a cute girl in the audience to lay down on the sidewalk and let me play with her. First I just swing my front wheel over her legs, and hop slowly up her body, I get around to her stomach (bashguard right over her stomach), and she had her arms over her chest (which were in the way of getting further), so I asked her to put her arms at her side. I worked my way up to her face, and (this girl's funny, too!), she said, "Hey, you're wearing underwear!" I said there's too much hopping in this sport for boxers! I hopped backwards over her to rear wheel with my front wheel right in her face (3 inches away), and just froze balancing there for about a second, then started just rear wheel hopping with it low, then would drop it to just over her face, balance a bit, then come back up. Then I started pivoting over her. Then I told her I was going to sidehop her, and she's like, "You're sure you can do this, right?" I'm like, "I could hop three of you easily, don't worry." Big huge sidehop way over her landing about 2 feet on the other side of her (hey, I don't want to cut it close with my first guinea pig!). I rolled backwards down to her feet, and pushed at her feet with my front
Stephen Maeder does demos?
    I'm going to look into doing this down at Venice beach, I know you have to get a permit of some sort.. It would be so much fun to do this on Saturdays down at the beach, the atmosphere at Venice beach is so interesting. Gotta hand out flyers about trials or something... You know I still wouldn't have even known about bike trials if Daisuke Koya hadn't gone to UCLA and pushed trials through the cycling club here?! The public has gotta know! Kids have gotta get into it!

Dual Trials + TV = Bike Trials goes mainstream?
    Hey, I think it would be a great idea to get Dual Trials into the X games or something. The problem with pure trials was that it was too slow (too much thinking about moves while resting on the pedal, bashguard, et cetera, and too much strategy that an uninformed audience misses out on (the sport isn't that simple, there are a lot of rules to learn)...). Dual Trials is exciting.. It's a race over an obstacle course were the fastest person wins.. This is a concept that an American audience can immediately grasp. Anyone who gets interested in the sport through Dual Trials events will find out right away from the riders that the "real" sport is Bike Trials... It doesn't require us to "sell out" or anything... I think Dual Trials (or some form thereof) is the way to get Bike Trials mainstream!