KMC Z-Chain

I broke my 8 week-old KMC Z-chain on my monty today... I was going to do a wheelbase and a half gap, so I gave a strong kick... POOF! my chain disintegrated and i hit my knee on the stem... I immediately look for the chain... hmm.. not on my bike... not on the ground... no where in sight.. i was looking all over the place... i eventually found it over on the other side of the brick planters.. I was so impressed that it had launched so far off my bike when it broke! I had a good laugh about it, and coasted home (thankfully practicing right near my dorm room). It was so funny, me looking around for a full 15 seconds before finding my chain! Looks like I should replace my chain every 5-6 weeks...

Stephen "Tarzan" Maeder
5/1/99 on mtb-trials