Avalon, Catalina Island - August 21-28, 1999

Avalon Community Center

    (Rear wheel to right where my bashguard is, then sidehop to bashguard on the wall)

    (you don't think I just put my bike up there for a picture, do you?)

    (Big up with a bit of a concrete kicker)

    (interesting obstacle - water fountain)

Descanso Beach (I could see a world round section here!)

A very steep dirt hill near the Avalon golf course

    (Yes, I did go up both of these, and yes, it sucked, but going down was a little more fun)

The Jetty

    (Yes, I sidehopped up this)

    (Yes, I made it all the way out to the end with no dabs)

Storm drain behind Bahia Vista Condos

    (yup, got up this... couldn't do anything after that, though...)

    (yup, sidehopped up this... is that my shoe?)

Bahia Vista Stair Jump (4 floors, narrow wooden, BAD consequences if all over rail)


    (exclaimed after cutting my ankle: "Dang that's slippery!" (I was running a wee too much tire pressure))