VP double caged pedals vs. my left shin!

Picture taken after cleaning up...

Thanks to the quick response of MontyUSA, I got a replacement derailleur hanger for my Monty Stock bike and was able to go out riding on it after only a week and a half of downtime... I was having a great ride all by myself. While riding to another section while on the sidewalk, I see a little dip near the curb for small golfcarts to get up on the sidewalk, and I thought I'd see if I could get some air off of it... My judgement isn't very good with such things, as I never did bmx, or anything involving jumping bikes before trials. I think the problem was that it wasn't even a wheelbase long (distance between the dip down and then the little ramp up), and it just sort of wigged out my left foot, causing it to come off... That was of course followed by my right foot coming down while still on the right pedal (I'm left foot forward), swinging the left pedal around and smack into my left shin... It definitely hurts more than no shinguard, but actually not that bad... The only thing that was really lame was how much I bled!! Immediately, blood was gushing down my leg (might have been the long set of stairs I just came up, causing my heart to beat somewhat hard), soaking not only my socks, but my Monty shoes!! I went off into a secluded corner and just put my leg up on a wall and waited for it to stop bleeding, actually thinking that I'd continue riding (what's a little blood?). Anyway, I didn't, I came back home and cleaned it up, along with bleaching my sock and shoes... The pic you see at the top is after I cleaned it.. Should've taken one before I cleaned it, with all the blood all over the place!

I think I'll be reconsidering the whole no-shinguard thing... I haven't worn shinguards in so long and I've been fine, but one time is all it takes to really take a good chunk out of your shin! Any shinguard companies want to provide me with a pair of shinguards?! Give me an e-mail! :-)