Warped Tour hits Ventura, CA - June 28, 2001
Reported by Stephen Maeder
Trials demos on the Vans Warped Tour...

Dan and Aaron have been on the tour for a week now... It's rough! Living in a bus... Very little space, no privacy... Hardly the rock-star lifestyle you thought it would be! These guys already miss their families, friends, girlfriends... The bus drives to each event straight, and often leaving at 2 AM for an all-night trip! I wonder how these guys get enough sleep! And they've got 6 weeks more to go... Living on a bus with a bunch of skateboarders! (Really, though, they're enjoying themselves... But what they enjoy most is seeing trials riders at the shows... Rumor has it that the show is picking up a Brisa bicycle at the Los Angeles show (June 29) for test-riding by anyone attending that show, or any of the shows afterwards! Tickets are a mere $20, and the event's cool... Bands, booths, free sampler cds, skateboarder, skaters, bmx jumping... Check it out at

Check out some of the cool photos, and a little bit of story (especially on the tour of the bus page). I rode the demos with Aaron and Dan on my white Brisa B20 mod, pausing every so often to grab some photos. Hope you guys like 'em!

Aaron and Dan simultaneously gapping the 7 foot tall boxes (6 foot gap)


Another angle


Take the tour of Aaron and Dan's Warped bus...


Aaron and Dan, with JP Sickler in the foreground trying to get the audience going for the 7 foot drop


Smooth as silk, and perfectly synchronized!


Dan about to drop in (check out the little kicker on the right)


Very trusting girl!


That's gotta be scary!


Swinging the rear wheel over her body

Aaron behind the triangles


A pretty good crowd showed up for the show!