Los Angeles, CA
May 18, 2003

by Stephen Maeder

Stephen Maeder dropping off the 5 foot box (check out his shirt)

The first bike trials demo organized by was a big success! It took place at the UCLA Children's Run/Walk, a 5k run/walk benefiting the Mattel Children's Hospital. About 600 people came to participate in the event. We had our obstacles set up near the stage, where everyone could see us. We were able to expose a lot of people to the sport, and let them know that is the best place to find out more about it.

Shaun launching a huge gap

Shaun Miller and David Brodowski did most of the riding, while Manning Yuan and I (along with some friends of mine) talked with people in the audience and handed out "What is bike trials?" flyers and stickers. Several people watching the demos were interested in learning bike trials, and even more planned to tell their bike-riding friends about it!

David sidehopping up the box to both wheels

In all, this was a great opportunity to promote the sport of trials. The audience had a lot of fun, and so did the riders. I'd like to thank the riders for coming out and giving their all to get the audience pumped up - I couldn't have done it with out you guys! I'd also like to thank Chris Chyu, the UCLA Run/Walk volunteers, Kimberly, and Joe who all helped unload/load the obstacles into the U-Haul trailer. A very special thanks goes to Scott Thompson, for letting us borrow his obstacles. By the way, Scott is now riding for Megamo USA. Before loading the obstacles at his house, I rode his dual-disc Megamo mod around a bit, and really enjoyed it. Feels like it's built with a taller person in mind. Anyway, back to thanking: I'd also like to thank Roger Rodrigues, owner of Brisa bikes, for coming out to film and support the guys. Roger brought Shaun a brand new gold-anodized Easton Brisa B26D bike that looks very nice (and weighs around 19 lbs!!).

Shaun's new Easton Brisa B26D bike

Manning hopping on his front wheel (on Shaun's bike)

Manning, Roger, Stephen, Shaun, and David

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