Planet-X Demos and Booth at Sea Otter
Laguna Seca, CA
April 10-13, 2003

by Stephen Maeder

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Team Planet X USA and Planet-X Bikes put on bike trials demos and showed off their new products at the Sea Otter Classic. They flew out several riders from Europe for the demos - from the UK: Danny Holroyd and Adam Burns (2 of the incredibly popular Trialskings); and from France: Thibaut Marriaux and Tibo 2 (I only know him by this nickname). These four put on great shows several times a day that attracted large crowds. Some of Team Planet X USA's riders did demos as well: Casey Holm, Zak Maeda, Sam Phelps, Chris Pitts, and Phil Lucero. More photos of the demo area here.

Meeting the Trialskings
This was my first time meeting Danny and Adam in person. I'd watched the downloadable videos of them from Trialskings and Planet-X Bikes, but I didn't really know what they were like. They're awesome guys - relaxed, humble, open, and humorous (they taught me several ways to use the word "rinse" - like "I rinsed that gap!" - which can be good or bad depending on how you say it!). They love riding bike trials and challenging themselves. I think the biggest key to their success is that they don't take themselves too seriously - they're out to ride to have fun. Talking to Danny at the Planet-X team dinner (photo), I learned that Planet-X doesn't care how he places at competitions. As long as he's doing demos and the downloadable videos, they're happy! Now this is a company that gets it - bike trials is about having fun!

Click here for more photos Planet-X Booth
Planet-X has some new products for this year that caught my eye. First, there's the much-improved Zebdi Mk5 frame. They eliminated the internal gussets at the downtube/seat-tube and toptube/seat-tube junctions, since they could make it just as strong without them. They also made a new CNC'd dropout with a thick disc mount that should handle disc braking forces better. They've also reduced the weight to 4.15 lbs, which is about what most stock trials frames weigh.

Planet-X has also come out with some new bulge bars and stems for bike trials. Check out photos here.

I rode their test bike on the demo setup, and was quite impressed! It came with Magura Marta SL disc brakes and a host of Planet-X trials parts - titanium fork, "pro trials" stem, bulge riser bar, bashring, and rear hub with room for only 3 gears. The bike had a very solid feel to it. More photos of the Planet-X Mk5 and parts here.

For more info on Planet-X, please visit Team Planet X USA or Planet-X Bikes.

Adidas Party Lounge
Pictured in photo, left to right: Antoine (Planet-X French DH racer), Dennis Goj (Planet-X Canadian Pro), Ryan Leech (Norco Trials Team), Tibo 2, and Thibaut Marriaux.
Everyone enjoyed hanging out in the Adidas booth, with music playing, free drinks and chips, comfy couches... Other people that I saw stop by: Hans Rey (GT Bicycles), Joey Hayes (180 Magazine), Tatu, BMF Chris, Matt Anthon, Phil Edlefsen (Phree Media videos)...