1998 Big Bear National Photos

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Section 1

Jason Dunnahoe resting on his bashguard on the tree stump

View of whole section - Jason Dunnahoe
Section 3

Chris Clark dropping off the wall to the ground after jumping up all the stairs in the background

Scott Thompson getting up to the bashguard

Scott Thompson up on the bashguard

Scott Thompson about to clear the gap between the wall and the stairs (wheelbase-length gap for expert, longer (other side of cone) for pro)

?? placing his left foot in the right spot for a good planned dab

Aaron Faust getting up
Section 5
Pro only section with large (wheelbase and a half?) gaps between spools about 4 feet high, a picnic table, a 3 inch wide plank 5 feet up, and a 5 foot drop off into hardpack snow.

JJ Gregorowicz dropping off a spool

JJ Gregorowicz pedal-kicking the gap between spools

?? getting up the picnic table

?? setting up to cross the 3 inch wide beam after getting onto the spool from the picnic table

?? making it across