BikeTrial at the Nantahala Outdoor Center
Bryson City, North Carolina
14 April 2007
By Michael Friddell

Yet another Spring rain brings out the flowers to bloom, the trees to green and the trials riders to ride. Maybe one of these years weíll have a dry competition at the NOC. Nah, what fun would that be!!! I have to admit, though, the rain this year was much lighter than last year. I donít mind so much a drizzle here and there with sun in between. Unfortunately, the rain forecast seemed to keep a few of the riders hiding at home. But, the intrepid stalwarts that did come out were treated to a beautiful, cool but sunny competition day. It didnít even threaten rain until after the competition was over. No snot-covered picnic tables this year!

Everyone seemed to enjoy the event. I tried to set the sections to be challenging but a bit easier than my norm. Itís funny, sometimes itís easier to set really hard sections than easier ones. Itís finding that balance in between that is the most difficult. I think the scores speak for themselves as far as the ratio between the section difficulty and rider capability. In the end, though, itís all about having fun. And, from what I saw, most everyone did that.

I want to thank everyone for coming out and making this event a success. Itís always a bit nerve-wracking to plan an event when youíre just not sure if anyone is going to show up. I really enjoy getting to see old friends and make new ones. Itís also always a pleasure to work with everyone at the NOC, especially Kathy. You donít know how much it means to us that you enjoy having us there and keep inviting us back. Lastly, I must thank Doug, Tom and especially my Dad for all of your support. I had a great time, again!


1. Tim Cash 1
2. Hinmaton Hisler 28

1. Derek Keller 7
2. Chris Slydel 10
3. Pat Lundergan 12
4. Jay Hughen 19

1. Matthew Browne 17
2. Lance Kleffman 18
3. Ben Tignor 36
4. Craig Durkin 46 - 1 clean
5. Chris Bentley 46 - 0 clean
5. Nathan Gaddy 46 - 0 clean

1. Dave Campbell 19
2. Tom McNeal 27
3. Zack White 44


Chris Slydel
Sport - Section 1

Matthew Browne
Expert - Section 1

Lance Kleffman
Expert - Section 1

Dave Campbell
Pro - Section 4

Tom McNeal
Pro - Section 2

Zack White
After comp demo

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