USA Cycling Trials Team Selection Event
for the UCI Trials World Championships
Trials Training Center, Sequatchie, TN
July 9, 2006
By Michael Friddell

I was really hoping to have more riders at this year's east coast team selection event since I allowed anyone at the US Pro level to compete in it without buying a UCI License if they didn't want to try to qualify for the team. Nonetheless, I was glad to get to challenge the below riders.

I set the sections on some enormous rocks this year and made the sections a little shorter than last year. There was one loose, root-filled hillside to deal with since our guys had some trouble with those in Livigno last year. Most of the rest was precision moves or big moves. I couldn't really set any tap or hook type moves like we've seen in so many UCI event videos but there was plenty of Buthiers-type obstacles. I have no idea whether this year's Worlds in New Zealand will be more "real" natural or like last year's "man-made" natural. Either way, our guys have been training hard.

I must say that I was very impressed by our top riders. Ed, Cam and Nathan are the only riders from this east coast qualifier that intend to go to the Worlds. I think they are all more ready this year than I have seen them in the past. Even though consistency and mental preparation still seem to be a bit of an issue, I can certainly tell that their skills on the bike have improved vastly over last year. Cam and Nathan have a tall order since they'll have to compete against Kenny, Vincent and all but I think they can rise up to it. Since Ed gets to ride Junior again one last year, I feel he stands a very, very good chance of making the finals and possibly even the podium.

Well, congrats to everyone for finishing such a tough event. Good luck to our World Trials Team and safe travels for everyone.

Place - Name - Dabs

Junior 20" (6 sections, 3 loops)

Elite 20" (6 sections, 3 loops)
1 - Brian Yezierski - 43
2 - Neil Willey - 57

Junior 26" (6 sections, 3 loops)
1 - Edward Gildea - 30

Elite 26" (6 sections, 3 loops)
1 - Mike Steidley - 39
2 - Cameron Kowall - 46
3 - Nathan Goodhue - 67

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