NATS #5 at the Trials Training Center
Sequatchie, Tennessee
08 July 2006
By Michael Friddell

Well, it happened again this year. In an amazing bit of luck, I found yet another completely new area for this yearís event when I was at the TTC in May for the World MotoTrials Round. Those of you who missed the World Round really missed seeing some incredible riding. I would argue that the top MotoTrials guys equal, if not exceed, the skill of the top BikeTrials guys.

The rocks this year were still yet different from the giants we used two years ago and the round crags we used last year. Some of them were so sharp that they cut me when I tried to move them. They almost had too much traction! Not to mention that they moved around and frequently broke into pieces!

As you can see from the wide-range of scores in each class, I think the sectionís difficulty levels were pretty well matched to the riderís levels. I suppose the Expert sections might have been a little too hard since the average is so high but there were still quite a few cleans made on them. Pat Smage continues to amaze with his ability to ride well on both motorcycles and bicycles (not to mention unicycles). Speaking of MotoTrials riders on bicycles, it seems these guys are all getting quite good. Looking at the results, first and second places in both Beginner and Sport were moto kids. Add to that Mr. Smage and they took three of our four classes. Wow!

I thought I set the Pro sections at least as hard this year as last year, if not a bit harder. If so, then these guys have made some serious improvements. I was really proud to see such a broad field in each class, including Pro, and how well everyone is riding. Weíll catch up to those Europeans yet!

I do want to mention that I got most of the NATS event and some of Sundayís UCI event on my DV camcorder. It might take me a little while to edit it all but Iíll post it here as soon as Iím finished.

I must offer a huge thanks to our friends at the Trials Training Center for continuing their support and enthusiasm for our little sport. Next, I owe a huge thanks to all those who helped me throughout the weekend, especially my Mom, Dad and Jon Bott. Jon, I really enjoyed getting to know you (keep at it, you have a ton of potential). Finally, I cannot forget my sponsor, Murfreesboro Outdoor and Bike, and all of the riders, parents and spectators who make all my effort worthwhile.


Place Name Sponsor Dabs Cleans
1 Mike Steidley Trek, VW 7 7
2 Neil Willey 20 4
3 Brian Yezierski Magura USA, Maxxis 24 5
4 Ed Gildea 28 1
5 Tom Ligon 35 3
6 Jon Bott 53 0
7 Dave Campbell Maxxis 54 0
Place Name Sponsor Dabs Cleans
1 Pat Smage Heatsink, Maxxis, Lizard Skins, RYP 11 7
2 Brandon Maynard Adventure Bike & Boards 36 1
3 Lance Kleffman Webcyclery 46 0
4 Matthew Browne 50 0
5 Zach White 55 0
6 Chuck Sherman 58 0
7 Jim Keck 60 0
Place Name Sponsor Dabs Cleans
1 Cody Manning RYP 4 9
2 Karl Davis 15 4
3 Ryan Thompson 19 4
4 Tanner Gregory Pump & Pedal 27 2
5 Gregory Thompson 30 3
6 Angelina Capaccio Adventure Bikes & Boards 44 0
7 Jay Hughen 49 0
8 Chad Belbey 60 0
Place Name Sponsor Dabs Cleans
1 Andrew Oldar Sherco, RYP, Utopia Optics 1 11
2 Dean Bechard RYP, Sherco, Action Cycles 3 6
3 Terry Ottinger 31 3



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