Ohio Trials Series #1
Vulture's Knob
Wooster, Ohio
April, 23 2006
By Dan Smith

The first OhioTrials event for 2006 was an absolute BLAST! Thanks to all who came out, and braved the questionable weather reports, only to be rewarded with 65 degrees and sunny for the whole day!

Thanks SO Much for coming.



Jay Hughen 29
Rudy Assef 42
Josh Varney 47


John Schmitmeyer 27
Mikey Rosenberg 39
Paul South 43
Jim Rolfes 49 (West Chester Cyclery)
Ben Jones 55 (LagerHead Racing / Westchester Cyclery / Maxxis)
Chris Crane 60


Mark Kalix 28 (Ray's Mtb)
Ben Smith 52
Kevin Smith 56
Robert Ponti 63

Gap contest winner... Ben Smith at 8 feet even!

Thanks to all the volunteers, thanks to Tim at for hooking us up with the prizes, and thanks to everyone who came out to ride!

© 2006