Trials Training Center Competition
Trials Training Center, Sequatchie, TN
September 10, 2005
By Michael Friddell

I always like the last competition of the year. Especially, when it's not a big points event. Though it is a little sad that it is the last of the year and you won't see most of your friends until Spring, it feels good to push yourself that one last time before the Winter doldrums set in.

We had beautiful weather for this year's Fall TTC event, unlike last year. Nonetheless, the turnout was even lower than last year with only ten riders, including myself. Yep, you read that right. I competed this time! Heh, it has been quite a while since I last competed (2001 in Memphis was my last, I think). Surprisingly, I feel like I rode quite a bit better than I used to. It's probably because I wasn't so uptight this time. I was really just there to have fun!

We all have to thank Doug White for setting the sections for this event. I couldn't get out of work again so soon after my trip to Italy so I had to rely on his generosity. Thanx, Doug, you did a great job!

He set the sections in the same area as the NATS event in July, called Moon Rocks. As luck would have it, most of the tape was still up so he had a relatively easier job of just rearranging. We agreed early on that the sections should be easier than the ones from July so we could all just have a good time. Heck, this was basically just a fun ride with some tape thrown about.

Dave Campbell tried out the Pro lines for what, I think, was his first time. He had some stiff competition from Tom McNeal so it was far from easy but it looked like Dave rode well. I fully expect to see him at the US Trials Team Qualifier next year. I have several things in the works for next year's season so he should get plenty of practice. Just be sure to prepare yourself mentally, Dave. That seems to be a bigger obstacle at the Worlds than anything physical.

Well, I want to thank everyone who came out for this event. I think we all had a good time. Also, we must thank the Trials Training Center for once again letting us use their land, facilities and rocks. Everyone should be sure to keep their eyes on for the Motorcycle Trials World Round coming to Sequatchie on May 19th through 21st, 2006. I will make sure not to plan any bicycle events near then so that we can all be there to watch the best MotoTrials riders in the World. If you've never seen them, you really should make plans to be there. Lastly, I want to thank Murfreesboro Outdoor and Bike for their support and all of the riders for continuing to come to my events. I do it all for you.

1Tom McNeal135
2Dave Campbell231
1Michael Friddell143
2Doug White201
1Zack White371
2Craig Durkin49
1Chris Ivory342
2Austin Wendell341
3Adam Harris50

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