USA Cycling Trials Team Selection Event
for the UCI Trials World Championships
Trials Training Center, Sequatchie, TN
July 10, 2005
By Michael Friddell

With threatening storms inevitable from the remnants of Hurricane Dennis, we forged ahead with the trials event that bright and hot Sunday morning. Our only hope was that the rain would hold out until after the event was finished.

Though we only had ten riders, they had a long day ahead of them, rain or no rain. The Junior and Elite riders had six, very difficult sections in which they had to ride three loops instead of the normal two. This is because the UCI requires them to ride a minimum of sixteen sections (typically eight sections by two loops) during four hours. Since we only had time to set six sections, I had to ask them to do three loops. This made for some bellyaching from a few riders but, in the end, everyone finished well within the allotted time.

As you can see from the results below, the sections were, by far, the most challenging sections Doug White and I have ever set. A few riders even commented that they thought the sections were harder than last year's qualifying sections at the World Championships in Les Gets, France. I suppose I do take a bit a perverse pride in such a comment. Well, how are we ever supposed to get better than the Europeans if we don't ride and train like them?

At the end of the day, the rain held off and all of the riders rode exceptionally well, high scores or not. As such, I have recommended each of the Junior and Elite riders below for the US Team. I am very excited to be the manager of such an impressive team heading for the World Championships in Livigno, Italy. I look forward to reporting back to our fellow American how well our boys did after the finals on September 4th.


Place - Name - Score

Beginner (4 sections, 3 loops)

Sport (4 sections, 3 loops)
1 - Daniel Meyer - 24

Expert (6 sections, 2 loops)
1 - Pat Smage - 31
2 - Peter Hellenbrand - 58

Junior 20" (6 sections, 3 loops)
1 - Ryan Cecil - 27
2 - Ian Poor - 89

Elite 20" (6 sections, 3 loops)
1 - Brian Yezierski - 80

Junior 26" (6 sections, 3 loops)
1 - Cameron Kowall - 73
2 - Edward Gildea - 78
3 - Kurt Mason - 86

Elite 26" (6 sections, 3 loops)
1 - Jeremy VanSchoonhoven - 31

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