Test of Metal Trials Competition
June 18, 2005

Squamish, British Columbia, Canada

Story by Robin Coope

The 2005 Test of Metal Trials event, part of the North American Trials Series, returned to the Al Mackintosh Logger Sports Grounds, for the first time since 1997. An ultra technical course, and on and off rain for most of the day, made for a challenging day for many competitors. Worse for the riders, but better for the spectators, two of the obstacles required the riders to actually ride into the eighteen inches of water in the log rolling pond, guaranteeing soaking feet and in some cases, everything else. Under such conditions, technical subtlety and balance were the order of the day, and the results reflect that. In Pro, John Webster from Mill Bay BC absolutely dominated, riding as though it were a warm dry practice session and scoring a mere 20 points, to runner up Jeff Andersonsís 48 out of a possible 60. Expert rider Lucas Hamiltonís much appreciated victory represents a return to form after several years of serious injury from freeriding. As always, Squamish pulled through to make spectacular six obstacles. Event director Ken Gauthier thanks Mountain Building Centerís Mike Mohr, and Logger Sportsí Brian Couture and Glen Greensides for pitching in with transport, forkifts, loaders and of course, big, big logs!
PlaceNamePointsZeros (cleans)
1John Webster204
2Jeff Anderson482
3David Herr510
4Dylan Korba600
4Alex Lee600
4Mike Martinson600
4Morley Wilkins600
1Lucas Hamilton341
2Dave Lloyd351
3Paul VanVelzen413
4Steven Baia451
5Todd Jensen451
6Stephen Maeder450
7Jason Baia491
8Kevin Liu490
9Dylan McCrae500
10Brett McCullough510
11Aaron Bowman521
12Joel Moreland520
13Jordan Masse551
14Scot Bryan560
15Vince Laarveld560
16James Louter560
17Ian Johansen560
18Dallas Gara600
19Chris Jenkins600
20Jesse Montandon600
1Alex Neely344
2Piotr Czajko380
3Richard Hedrick391
4Ryan Jobson412
5Ben Glassen440
6Graham Fulton471
7Barry Thompson510
8Dan Mercier520
9Justin Broderick560
10Brad Tibbs560
11Mark Szpytman560
12Mike Billups580
13Albert Signore580
1Jesse Ellingson195
2Jerry Knight202
3AJ MacFarlane283
4John Goodwin313
5Kyle Quesnel442
6Rob Pearlman462
7Mark Uhlmann520
8Maciek Wolniewicz540
9Kelly Laurie580
10Aly Noormohamed580
11Jordan Eichorn600
Unicycle (riding Sport lines)
1Kris Holm610

by Stephen and Kimberly Maeder

Pro Expert Sport
by Kimberly Maeder

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