Keyesville Classic Competition (NATS #1)
March 12, 2005

Keyesville, California

Story by Jon Maeda

While the Keyesvile/Lake Isabella area of Southern California has seen a variety of weather swings over the years, yesterday's event will earn the moniker, the "Sunscreen Classic", for the 87-90 degree temps that were the highlight of the day. Visiting pro winner, Ryan Cecil & dad Bill commented that it was 27 degrees when they left their home in Asheville, North Carolina, on Friday morning.

A small, but enthusiastic crowd of regulars attended, enjoying the warm weather, blooming spring wildflowers and tasty Zak Maeda-built sections. All riders rode a total of 2 loops on 6 sections, taxing their heat tolerance.

A big thanks to all riders, especially out-of-staters Ryan & Bill Cecil, and Jeremy & Melissa Vanschoonhoven; checkers Maribel Sturtevant, Terry Elam & Zak; and to Zak & Terry for section building expertise.

Name & Class points / cleans

Austin Downing 30 points / 3 cleans
Terry Elam 36 points / 1 clean
Nic Gross 60 points / 0 cleans

Pete Sturtevant 42 points / 0 cleans
Paul Ahab Bray 50 points / 0 cleans
Andrew Montague 52 points / 0 cleans
Jon Bott 53 points / 0 cleans
Justin Brandt 57 points / 0 cleans
Jeremy Huber 58 points / 0 cleans
Gino Salveo 60 points / 0 cleans
Todd Gandy DNF

Ryan Cecil 10 points / 7 cleans
Jeremy VanSchoonhoven 16 points / 5 cleans
Zak Maeda 52 points / 0 cleans
By Pete Sturtevant

Ryan Cecil

Jeremy VanSchoonhoven

Pete Sturtevant

Andrew Montague

Paul Bray

Todd Gandy