Lincoln Woods State Park Competition
August 8, 2004

Story, photos, and results from Pete Wilk

The event went off great. While the turnout was not huge everyone had a good time. The weather was perfect, no slick rocks anywhere. Sections were a little hard to find because they were set back into the woods. The pros had a little bit of a tough day, a couple of the moves I thought they'd be able to make turned out to be a little harder than I thought. The experts enjoyed some really cool sections, but they could have been a little longer. Beginner and sport riders had some really nice sections, the difficulty for these were spot on. The BBQ after the event went well, many riders stuck around and did some riding after eating and awards. You might see more BBQ's in the future! A big thanks to Cory Bousquet and family for putting it together!

Another big thanks goes out to Jim Burgess from Phylo Tea who happeded to be in the park and spotted our competition. He came back with 4 cases of Phylo Tea on ice for all the riders. It was much appreciated, thanks Jim!


Tim Finn

Dave Lemieux

Craig Dionne

Brian Yezierski


1 Tim Finn 26
2 Brian Yezierski 55

1 Mike Umbarger 7
2 Peter Wilk 10
3 Kurt Mason 15
4 Ed Gildea 19
5 Dave Lemieux 20
6 Craig Dionne 46 1 1's
7 Dan Bowhers 46 0 1's

1 Chris Richard 16
2 Gary Culbert 18
3 Joe Bazydlo 19
4 Logan Piepmieir 30
5 Cory Bousquet 33
6 Travis Stokos 46

1 Nathan Phoebe 11
2 Jeremy Danz 18
3 Eric Baker 28
4 Warren Kennedy 23

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