Fontana Competition
February 1, 2004

Fontana, California - 2004 event dates

Story from Jon Maeda

Boy! What a great turn-out for Fontana Winter Series #2, held Sunday, February 1st. 30 riders... which is 8 more than the last event 2 weeks ago.

A big welcome to Al (TooSick), the 2 Franks & Billy who journeyed all the way from Arizona. Hope you had a good time. It was great to see a long missing-in-action Josh Barney after a 2 year absence! This was a tough event... probably too tough for those that chose it to move up in class... Yuchian, Christian, Ty, Jon & Tyler up to Expert! Good tries by all, though!

Highlights of the day? Sidehop Sam's tumble down the rockpile and Dave Brodowski's big hug on the 3 sisters rocks at the bottom of Expert section 2! Hope all are ok & uninjured.

Stephen ( Maeder makes his annual visit to a bike trials event! Rode to a respectable 2nd place in Expert Stock! It was great to see the Elder Statesman of the Sport Stock class, Terry Elam, put it to the youngsters, by winning the class by 1 point & 2 cleans! You rule, Terry!

A big thanks to all who helped by checking...Howard & Debbie Phelps, Ian Hoffman, Kris Scrivens, Shaun Miller and all others I didn't see. Also, another round of applause to Shaun for setting sections. His open invitation...he's always at Fontana the Saturday before the trials, so if ya wannna learn how to set sections, be there!

Full 2004 competition schedule

Beginner Mod
1. Frank Lorro 28/4
2. Mitchell Garrett 36/2
3. Thomas Elam 46/0

Beginner Stock
1. Blair Brown 31/0
2. Frank Bennet 49/0
3. Ryan Callahan 52/0

Sport Mod
1. Andrew Oldan 17/3
2. Adam Ehlin 28/3
3. Austin Downevey 36/3

Sport Stock
1. Terry Elan 24/5
2. Kris Scrivens 25/3-1-3
3. Mike Thomas 25/3-2-5
4. Ian Hoffman 25/2
5. Manning Yuan 40/0
6. Chris Newhart 48/0
7. Al Signore 55/0

Expert Mod
1. Billy Hendrickson 61/0
2. Jon Bott 71/0
3. Yuchian Tseng 73/0
3. Mark Webb 73/0
Tyler McCourtney DNF

Expert Stock
1. David Brodowski 32/3
2. Stephen Maeder 53/1
3. Kevin Rothman 59/1
4. Josh Barney 63/0
5. Christian Malik 75/0
5. Sam Phelps 75/0
Ty Smith DNF

Pro Stock
1. Shaun Miller 38/3
2. Zak Maeda 67/1