Kernville Competition
October 19, 2003

Report from Jon Maeda

Extremely warm, 90 degree weather greeted the participants this weekend for the K.F.T.F. Biketrials event. The natural terrain of the Mountain River Adventures resort was well suited to this event, as section builders Howard Phelps and Jon Maeda, eased up on the riders, in consideration of their break in the local competition schedule recently. Many riders commented that it felt like ages since any comps were held, hence the moderate ease in the difficulty as designed by Howard & Jon. It was a weekend of fun and relaxed competition, as Saturday opened the festivities with an entertaining bunnyhop comp and rear-wheel sumo contest, held by class level. Expert Dave Brodowski of Fresno dazzled the assembled mountian bike festival participants with his big leaps, in the 35-36" range.

Sunday saw a little cloud cover early in the day, making for comfortable riding before 12 noon. At noon, the clouds retreated and the 95 degree heat made another appearance. Riders were treated to 3 loops of fun, rideable sections. The relatively low scores of the winners indicate a low-key, moderate difficulty event.

Sidehop Sam Phelps continued his reign of terror on the Sport Stock class, further extending his Cal State series points lead. 1st timer Mitch Garrett rode to victory in the Beginner Mod class, as perrenial Expert Mod Stevie Morgan took his usual top podium spot.

Thanks to Howard Phelps for course set-up, and to all who checked, especially Diane Morgan! A special thanks to John Stallone of Mountain River Adventures for hosting us!

Mike Thomas 26 points / 0 cleans

Mitch Garrett 58 points / 0 cleans

Sam Phelps 7 points / 11 cleans
Ty Smith 21 points / 7 cleans
Hoss Onnen DNF

Andrew Montague 8 points / 9 cleans
Tyler McCartney 29 points / 4 cleans
Jon Bott 42 points / 1 clean

Dave Brodowski 24 points / 5 cleans
Paul Bray 32 points / 2 cleans
Pete Sturtevant 51 points / 1 clean
Todd Gandy 69 points / 0 cleans

Stevie Morgan 21 points / 5 cleans
Phil Lucero DNF

Tony Fernandez 12 points / 9 cleans
Zak Maeda 23 points / 6 cleans