Texarkana Competition
September 27, 2003

Report from Ambassador, Chip Crail

The Twin Cities Trials Competition was held September 27th in Texarkana, TX. Texarkana’s slogan of being ‘Twice As Nice’ could easily apply to this competition as well. It’s always great to see new competitions get off the ground, but since the Down -N- Dirty trials competition in Memphis had to be postponed, this event was a great way to end the season in the SouthCentral area.

Scott Tucker from Texarkana and Jack and John Edington from Dallas put a lot of time and work into the competition, and it showed. 3 great sections for each skill level not only challenged the riders’ skill, but also their guts. Especially in the Expert class. But more on that in a bit...

In an unusual turn of events, there was no beginner class at this comp. The event was held in conjunction with a road tour, and since there weren’t going to be any guys on MTBs to possibly enter the beginner division, it made sense not to bother with it. The lack of beginners was more than made up in the Sport class, however. A total of 7 Sport riders entered, 3 in mod and 4 on stock bikes.

Sport mod was wide open. Sean Robinson had a brake line failure and had to DNF, taking 3rd place. Jason Neely from Fayetteville, AR placed second on an old GT mod with a super cool light blue fork. First place went to Scott McCall from Austin, TX. Scott rode his Monty up, over, and off everything in the sections and took first place back to the city of bats. Sport stock was a little tighter category. 4th place was scored by one of the message board moderators - Sonic, a.k.a. Dustin Askins. Unfortunately, Dustin first experienced bike problems when his Singleator blew up, then he rolled his ankle shortly after, forcing a DNF. Better luck next time, and nice to finally meet you! There was a ride off for 2nd place. After the losing the ride off, Leon Paulsen from Dallas ended up in 3rd. He says he’s primarily a BMXer, but he can bunnyhop a MTB pretty well. The winner of the ride off, Jack Edington, was also from Dallas. 2nd place to Jack and his Echo stock bike for making it through the ride off section cleanly. All that’s left is first place, and that belonged to Stan Selejou, also of Dallas. Are we seeing a trend here? Stan was bilingual that day, speaking an unknown language whenever he’d crash or dab. Fun to listen to. His skill upon his Norco was enough to grab the proverbial gold.

Expert mod featured only one rider. Fresh from representing the US at Worlds, Chris Pitts posted the second lowest score of the comp on easily the hardest sections there. Looking supafly in those orange shorts, he rode back to Memphis, TN with first place cash in his pocket. Expert stock had two competitors. Second place was wrapped up by the event organizer, Scott Tucker. Scott has been fun to watch progress. He’s really stepped up his riding in a big way, and he’ll be hanging in with the Experts before you know it. First place was taken by another Dallas rider, Seth Lee. Seth rode very smartly, using dabs wisely and it paid off. He wasn’t far behind in the overall Expert category.

What’s that? Overall categories? In a unique (and well received) addition, Scott and crew added an Overall category to each skill level. This way, stock and mod scores were combined and the top three in each skill level got a little something extra. Expert overall was won by Chris Pitts, and Sport overall was taken by Scott McCall.

Big thanks go out to Scott Tucker and Jack and John Edington for all their work in putting on the event.

Expert Mod
1. Chris Pitts 41

Expert Stock
1. Seth Lee 48
2. Scott Tucker 60

Sport Mod
1. Scott McCall 37
2. Jason Neely 57
3. Sean Robinson DNF (brake line failure)

Sport Stock
1. Stan Selejou 45
2. Jack Edington 60 (won ride off)
3. Leon Paulsen 60
4. Dustin Askins DNF (injury)
Photos by Chip Crail

Chris Pitts

Seth Lee

Scott Tucker

Dustin Askins

Jack Edington

Jason Neely

Scott McCall

Stan Selejou

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