2003 Brisa California Series Event #3
February 9, 2003

Fontana, California - event dates

by Stephen Maeder Editor

Yet another warm and sunny Southern California day greeted the 22 trials riders who attended the third event of the 2003 Brisa California Series. Up from 15 riders at the first event, this series is going well thanks to the hard work of event promoter JP Sickler, and the work of other trials riders to spread the word and offer rides! Ian Hoffman brought several riders with him, and Yuchian Tseng brought Manning Yuan with him from Westwood. In all, I believe there were 6 or 7 first-time competitors! It was a joy to meet many of them, and see their new-found passion for the sport. After the competition, Jeremy VanSchoonhoven answered everyone's technique questions, being the helpful and approachable guy that he is.

On Saturday afternoon, the day before the event, several riders came out for a group ride with Jeremy VanSchoonhoven, Shaun Miller, and Andrew Fulton. Andrew unfortunately broke his wrist casing on a dirt jump and had to go to his doctor back in San Diego (at least that's what I heard, it happened before I arrived). Jeremy was riding his new DeSalvo, which he let me ride around on. It feels good, though very different compared to my bike. Jeremy sets his bike up with the handlebars very low and far in front. He uses a Thomson 135 mm, 5 degree stem with a CODA flat bar with custom-made aluminum extensions. He's also running a Monty 26" rear rim as the front rim with a Geax Blade 225 tire, which makes for an extremely grippy setup that can take the harsh abuse of Jeremy's front-tire tap ups. Jeremy predicts most American Pro riders will have a wide front rim setup within a year. We'll see... So far, American Pros haven't followed the Euro style in other areas, so why would they here, either? In any case, the low handlebar and wide front rim setup makes jap-zaps and ups in general so much easier, but makes pulling the front wheel up much more difficult. I've actually already exchanged stem and bar for a lower setup on my Echo ES4 to get a bit closer to Jeremy's setup. Will I go to a wide front rim, too? I'm definitely going to try it out.

All in all, this was quite a fun bike trials weekend for all who could make it. If you've been thinking of coming to one of these events, stop thinking about it and do whatever it takes to get out here. :-) Here are the event dates.

I shot video footage of the competition this time instead of photos, so you can look forward to some of that later on...


Pro Stock
1 Jeremy VanSchoonhoven 5
2 Shaun Miller 11
3 Zak Maeda 28

1 Stevie Morgan 31 (mod bike)
2 Stephen Maeder 39 (stock bike)

Sport Stock
1 Sam Phelps 18/won tie-breaker
2 Nikolai Braun 18
3 Yuchian Tseng 21
4 Terry Elam 24
5 Manning Yuan 34
6 Jerry Huhan 50

Sport Mod
1 Monica Thompson 20
2 Andrew Montague 31
3 Oli Csaplanos 48

Beginner Stock
1 Ian Hoffman 10
2 Mike Thomas 21
3 Brian Peterson 21
4 Jonathon Bott 24
5 Michael Warnock 35
6 Matt Schiller 36

Beginner Mod
1 Ty Smith 27
2 Tyler McCourtney 32