2003 Brisa California Series kicks off in Fontana
January 12, 2003

Fontana, California - event dates

by Tim Halberg Ambassador

Fifteen riders, hillsides, piles of rocks, boulders, dirt and more made for a great kickoff to the 2003 Brisa California State Series. The opening event took place on Sunday, January 12 in Fontana.

"It was great to see everyone out there and all the new faces as well," said JP Sickler, event coordinator. "I feel this was a great start to a good year of biketrials."

In past years the California series had been run by Jon Maeda. Sickler ran the series from 1991 to 1997 and has returned again to help things out in California.

With spectators watching and girlfriends covering their eyes, some five classes of riders hopped, slid, crashed and gapped their way through the day.

The beginner 20" class was lead by Mike Thomas with 25 dabs, followed by Doug Ramacly with 40 dabs for the day.

The sport 20" field was comprised of first place finisher Monica Thompson with 18 dabs, followed by Reid Davis with 28 and Andrew Oldan in with 37.

Sport 26" was a close field with first place Nathan Hesonen dabbing for 23 points. Not far behind were Sam Phelps with 26, Yuchian Tseng with 29, and Terry Elan with 40.

Expert 26" riders included Brian Davis finishing with 33, first time expert Pete Sturtevant who rounded out his day at 57 and Stephen Maeder who had to retire early for the day after snapping his carbon fiber magura lever.

Rounding out the classes for the day was the Pro/Expert 20" class of first place finisher Scott Thompson with 27 dabs, Tim Halberg at 38 and Zak Maeda finished with a DNF after a brutal crash in some rather harsh rocks.

With only one pro level rider showing up a pro class was not formed. "The rules say that there must be three riders to make a class, but I will always do what I can for the riders to make it fun for all," said Sickler.

Sickler also noted that awards from this event will be available at the competition on January 26.

"For the rest of the series, awards will be handed out the day of," Sickler said. "I have a big surprise for the overall winners of the series. There will be a special award given to these winners, nothing like you've ever seen before. You will be able to wear it, and it will be like the WWE of biketrials."

With four more events in store for the Fontana venue alone, this year's series seems to have the potential to grow and grow and grow. Future dates for Fontana include January 26, February 9, March 9, and March 23. These dates all correspond with the Team Southridge cross country and downhill events held at the same location.

"The state series is just starting and there will be many more events throughout the year," said Sickler. "I am still working on all the dates and hope to have them all worked out by the beginning of February. I will keep everyone updated through and through an email list. Anyone who would like to be added to that list can email me at"

Sickler said he wanted to thank everyone who showed up for the opening event and give an especially big thank you to all those who were able to help out.

"I appreciate everyone's help and support," Sickler said. "I also want to thank our sponsors for the series, Brisa Bikes,, and Fatlarry clothing. I hope to see even more riders out at our next event in Fontana on January 26."
Photos by Stephen Maeder



Andrew Oldan

Reid Davis

Monica Thompson

Nathan Hesonen from New Mexico

Yuchian Tseng

Sam Phelps

Terry Elam


Brian Davis

(Thanks to Manning Yuan for this photo!)

Brian making the sidehop from the rock to both wheels after the competition!

Pete Sturtevant

Scott Thompson (Pro)

Tim Halberg

David Brodowski playing around after the competition (he didn't compete)
(Thanks to Manning Yuan for this photo!)