Kernville Fat Tire Festival - October 20, 2002
NATS Final and California State Series Final

Report by Jon Maeda, the event promoter
Photos by Stephen Maeder

A great weekend of sunny weather and great friends marked the NATS final at the Kernville Fat Tire Festival on Sunday, October 20, 2002. This event was the final for not only the North American Trials Series, but also the California State Championships.

A big thanks to our event sponsors: Brisa Bikes USA, Cosmopolitan Motors, Planet X USA, Trialsin USA, Fat Larry Clothing, WebCyclery, Morgan & Sons Monty, and the Mountain & Rivers Adventure Retreat. A hearty thanks also to checkers Hoss Onnen, Daisuke Koya, Brandon Arrowood, J.P. Sickler & Steve Morgan, as well as the section set-up crew of Andrew Fulton, Shaun Miller, Daisuke Koya, Jim Trigonis & Howard Phelps. Thank you also to Kurt Mason Sr. & J.P. Sickler for assistance in the Saturday fun events. Much appreciation to the Phelps family for the use of the Phelps family trailer as the staging area. Sorry about the mess! Special kudos to John & Rhonda Stallone of Mountain & River Adventure Retreat for hosting us!

If I've forgoten anyone, many are appreciated!

Photos below results...

      PLACE       NAME                   DABS
        1         Andrew Fulton           75

      PLACE       NAME                   DABS
        1         Jeremy Vanschoonhoven   16
        2         Shaun Miller            28
        3         Kevin Drake             74

      PLACE       NAME                   DABS
        1         Ryan Cecil              18
        2         Zak Maeda               25
        3         Jim Trigonis            27
        4         Stevie Morgan           28
        5         Phil Lucero             46
        6         Tim Halberg             75
                  David Brodowski         DNF

      PLACE       NAME                   DABS
        1         Nathan Goodhue          43
        2         Casey Holm              50
        3         Brian Davis             51
        4         Paul Bray               76

      PLACE       NAME                   DABS
        1         Sam Phelps              41
        2         Zane Tedder             56
        3         Andrew Oldar            65

      PLACE       NAME                   DABS
        1         Pete Sturtevant         21
        2         Kurt Mason              40
        3         Nikolai Braun           44
        4         Brice Arnold            46
        5         Terry Elam              56
        6         Kris Scrivens           64
        7         Steve Arrowood          65
        8         Sean Richards           76

      PLACE       NAME                   DABS
        1         Thomas Elam             58
The NATS Championship were awarded to those in attendance:

Beginner Mod - Kurt Mason
Expert Mod - Ryan Cecil
Expert Stock - Zak Maeda

NATS Champs not in attendance were:

Pro Stock & Mod - JJ Gregorowicz
Sport Stock - Craig Dionne

2002 California State Trials Champions

Beginner Mod - Thomas Elam
Sport Stock - Pete Sturtevant
Sport Mod - Sam Phelps
Expert Mod - Zak Maeda
Expert Stock - Brian Davis
Pro Mod - Andrew Fulton
Pro Stock - Jeremy Vanschoonhoven

Congratulations to all winners and champions!

Jeremy VanSchoonhoven

Jeremy VanSchoonhoven

Jeremy VanSchoonhoven

Shaun Miller

Shaun Miller

Nathan Goodhue

Nathan Goodhue

Nathan Goodhue

Nathan Goodhue

Tim Halberg cleaning a section! :-)