Fontana Competition - January 13, 2002

Fontana, California - see when the next competition is!


Story by Yuchian

On Sunday, I get up at the crack of dawn. Today would be my first ever trials competition, and I am excited. I move my gear and bike down to the front of the apartment and wait for Stephen to pick me up; it's not long before the loud growl of the tricked-out Volvo comes rolling up the street. We toss everything into the car, and take off onto the friendly LA freeway.

Almost an hour later, we arrive at the site. There's a cross country race going on at the same time, but the trials area is quite unmistakable; just look for the riders on mod bikes upping stone walls. With only five minutes before the start of the competition, I hurriedly register and sign some documents that I hope are only insurance forms.

Jon tells the riders where to start the sections, but since I'm busy tarring my rims I don't hear a word of it. I end up finding the other riders in my class (sport), and we start riding the sections. In the first section, we ride over a low stone wall, up a ledge, then up some rocks set in a slope. Then it's a loose sandy way down the slope, going around a tree and more rocks to the section exit.

The next section is like a mini BMX track; a couple slopes and a berm or two. Of course, it's all loose sandy dirt, requiring tiny little hops to creep up the last slope. After that, a tight squeeze over a boulder and then another boulder to hop over. The third and last section has a "U" path going through a minefield of jagged and loose babyhead-sized rocks. Then another tight squeeze between a boulder on the left and a big ditch on the right, and the rest of the section is plain singletrack.

We ride four loops, two forward and two in the reverse direction - riding the sections from exit to start. The sections happen to be right next to the cross country course, specifically at the foot of a big downhill; we spend our time off the bike dodging racers. It's fun to watch the XC guys suffer. There's even a motorcyclist that rides the downhill.

After turning in the score cards, some of us gather for a group ride, and I get to try out another rider's X-lite mod bike. Later, it's a quick trip to get some Mexican food, then home. All in all, Fontana is definitely a fun time; the people are friendly, and the sections are well layed out. Just remember to bring water and watch those spikey burr plants. Special thanks to Stephen for giving me a ride.



    1. Blake Swift 14 dabs/3 cleans
    2. Thomas Elam 40/2

    1. Dave Brodowski 4/9
    2. Monica Thompson 9/4
    3. Sam Phelps 19/2

    1. Yuchian Tseng 22/0
    2. Pete Sturdevant 25/5
    3. Rey Malinis 33/0
    4. Ryan Nathman 35/3
    5. Hoss Onnen 46/0
    6. Terry Elam 50/0

    1. Zak Meda 18/5
    2. Philip Lucero 37/2
    3. Tim Halberg 43/0

    1. Josh Barney 26/6
    2. Brian Davis 36/1
    3. Rick Clasen 39/3
    4. Alex Ma 41/0

    1. Shaun Miller 24/6
    2. Andrew Fulton 36/2
    3. Scott Thompson 38/1

    1. Shaun Miller 21/5
    2. Tony Fernandez 34/2
    3. Andrew Fulton 41/0