Danish National Championships
Round Four

Report from Thomas Boesgaard, photos by Lars Fredriksen's girlfriend

The fourth round of the danish national championships were held at Fundays 2000. There were two classes, A (Expert) and B (Beginner/sport). Both classes had to ride eight sections four times.

Henrik Rivold on the boulder section

The Experts sections consisted of a large boulder section, a pallets section, a steep slope section and not so steep slope section. The sport-riders rode almost the same sections (but different routes), but instead of the large boulder section they rode a "rock-garden"-like section.

Anders Kolpen on the slope section

The competition was set to last for four hours, but most riders were finished in about three hours. Since most danish riders are used to riding primarily urban, many were suprised with the natural slope-sections. The competition went on with no surprises or problems. It came as no surprise that it was Henrik Rivold that won. He has been riding since 94, and has won the championships in 1998 and 1999.

Henrik Rivold on the pallets section


1. Henrik Rivold, 22 points
2. Martin Mikkelsen, 39 points
3. Lars Fredriksen, 51 points
4. Anders Kolpen, 55 points
5. Bo Sørensen, 87 points

1. Mads "Yeti", 33 points
2. Tommy Damsgaard, 46 points
3. Ian Flett, 58 points
4. Lars Mortensen, 66 points
5. Silas Krause Jeppson, 72 points
6. Janus Bek Julin, 72 points
7. Anders Kliem, 73 points
8. Troels Ingvorsen, 83 points
9. Mark Wassmann Andersen, 98 points
10. Ronny Briting, 102 points
11. Rasmus Olsen, 108 points
12. Jan Qvist Nielsen, 110 points(5*0)
13. Brian Jørgensen, 110 points(2*0)
14 Stefan Doleris, 152 points

Henrik Rivold on the boulder section

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