Essex BikeTrial Championships - Round 6 of 7
Shamley Green Farm, Surrey, UK

Report by Dave Dennis from Norfolk, UK:
(Edited by Paul Thomson)

The penultimate round of the E.B.T.C championship was held near Guildford, Surrey, an area which had recently made the news for heavy flooding. However to the pleasant surprise of the riders, the sections were dry, the sun was out and it all made for an exciting trial. The sections were all in the woods with the occasional rocky patch in some sections adding variety. Scattered through one or two of the sections were man made obstacles; mainly old car tyres lodged into the ground but with a 4ft high concrete pipe for one elite section, which caused a big crash for at least one of the riders. It was typical terrain of Britain's original Biketrial club.

The Elite category saw the unexpected entry of national number 4, Matt Tongue riding for Pashley, fighting for top spot with Stevie Thompson (5th in Britain) who was riding a 20" Megamo after leaving Team M.A.D. Saracen. Both flew through the sections with Stevie beating Matt by one dab despite his two fives; a very close result. Junior rider Kris Leeson came in third, behind Matt Tongue by just two dabs. The other four elite riders were over ten dabs behind Kris.

In the expert category world number 3 in the cadet class, Ben Savage (20" Megamo) had a good ride, beating Tom Griffiths (Monty) by four dabs, and Simon Harvey (Pashley) by six dabs.

11 year old Richard Coe, who came 2nd overall in the national minime class, dropped 8 dabs to beat Robin Howard by most cleans in the intermediate class and 26" Pashley rider James Bouchard on 11.


Elite (7 riders entered)

Pos    Rider             Bike              Overall Dabs

1st    Stevie Thompson   NSE Megamo (20")   18
2nd    Matt Tongue       Pashley            19
3rd    Kris Leeson       Leeson 660         21
4th    Barry Huskinson   NSE Megamo (26")   36
5th    Dave Holmes       NSE Megamo (26")   39
6th    Jon Taylor        Pashley            44
7th    George Gori       Orange Zero        65

Expert (16 riders entred)

1st     Ben Savage       NSE Megamo (20")   15
2nd     Tom Griffiths    Monty (20")        19
3rd     Simon Harvey     Pashley            21
4th     Michael Graves   Giant              23
5th     Ben Coath        Orange Zero        31
6th     Lee Sadler       Monty (20")        46
7th     Elliot Firth     Sunn               48
8th     David Lowe       Mission            63
9th     Jon Rowles       Black Mountain     67
10th    Darren Hill      MTB                67
11th    Lee Majewski     Monty (?")         69
12th    James Steele     Saracen            71
13th    Adam Hall        Mission            71
14th    Chris Towes      M.A.D Saracen      73
15th    John Pitman      Pashley            87
ret     Adam Barrett     Saracen            Retired

Intermediate (40 riders entred)

1st     Richard Coe      SMC Monty (20")     8
2nd     Robin Howard     Monty (20")         8
3rd     James Bouchard   Pashley             11
4th     James Davis      Megamo              15
5th     Alex Kerr        Club Roost          17

Novice (8 riders entred)

1st     Daniel Wills      Megamo (20")
2nd     Tom Savage        NSE Megamo (20")
3rd     Lewis Coulson     Megamo (20")

Out of Class 26" (14 riders entred)

1st     Scott Robbens      Scott USA            3
2nd     Stuart Buckmaster  Ultimate Hardware    11
3rd     Ryan Foster        DDG Shooter          11

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Dave Dennis