2000 British Biketrials Championships - Final
October 8, 2000

Video footage is on the way...

Report from UK Ambassador, Paul Thomson:
The final round of the British Biketrial championship took place on 8th October in Llangollen, Denbyshire. The location had been used previously for motorbike events and consisted of mud, rocks, slippery banks and water - all your favourite trial components... not! The section builders made the most of the stream/river which ran through the area by setting 8 of the 10 sections in it ensuring non-functioning brakes and soaking clothes all day. Despite this, the sections were very well designed, calling for good balance and some tough moves. Many complaints were heard about the difficulty of the sections, but the top riders were capable of putting in some low scores and if one rider can get through a section, everyone else can at least try. In my opinion it was good to see a change of style from the other rounds - trials, particularly in the UK, is not all big dry rocks.

The results were as expected - the junior class was dominated by Kurt Brain, followed by Kris Leeson, who was, unbelievably, riding in Wellington boots! The elite class went to Chris Akrigg who put in some fantastic rides to beat Eddie Tongue. Chris's ride in one section had to be seen to be believed - unfortunately the video camera was elsewhere at this point: the last obstacle in one particularly steep section was a large rock in a steep, ie 45 degree, slope, with no room to stop before plunging into the river. With considerable time in hand, Chris pointed his bike at the rock and let go of the brakes - bunny-hopping it with grace and crashing straight into the river at some speed - which saved him one dab! Still, one dab means a lot to these guys! The senior competition was wrapped up by David Holmes with Daniel Holroyd in 2nd.


1. Chris Akrigg (Pace) 42
2. Eddie Tongue (Pashley) 49
3. Martin Hawyes (Giant) 54
4. Stephen Thompson (Megamo) 69
5. Matt Tongue (Pashley) 75
6. Paul Thomson (Monty) 92
7. Darren King (DMR) 98

1. David Holmes (Megamo) 55
2. Daniel Holroyd (Giant) 66
3. Barry Deeks (MAD Saracen) 69

1. Kurt Brain (Megamo) 26
2. Kris Leeson (Leeson) 53
3. Chris Wright (Monty) 57

The final national standings are now available. No surprises to see Chris Akrigg in top place, but he was pushed hard at a couple of the rounds. Shame Eddie Tongue missed round 1 (he was busy putting in an amazing 3rd place ride at Sea Otter). One noticeable absentee was Martyn Ashton, again missing out due to a demanding demo timetable.

David Holmes put in some great performances to take the seniors title and Kurt Brain dominated the juniors, despite his age putting him in the cadet category. If he was to move into Elite next year, as some rumours suggest, he could easily get a top three placing; he's rapidly becoming Britain's best hope for the future.

Final Standings:

1. Chris Akrigg (Pace) 72 points
2. Martin Hawyes (Giant) 52
3. Eddie Tongue (Pashley) 49
4. Matt Tongue (Pashley) 30
5. Stephen Thompson (Saracen/Megamo) 26
6. Stuart Matthews (Megamo) 18
7. Paul Thomson (Monty) 17
8. Richard Lynch (Monty) 15
9. Ian Cooper (Raleigh) 14
10. Darren King (DMR) 13
10. Barry Huskinson (Megamo) 13

1. David Holmes (Megamo) 55 points
2. Barry Deeks (MAD Saracen) 39
2. Jon Taylor (Pashley) 39

1. Kurt Brain (Megamo) 72 points
2. Kris Leeson (Orange/Leeson) 63
3. Chris Wright (Monty) 40