BIU - Round 3
Czech Republic 2000

Report and photos from Japanese Ambassador, Kenichi Iwasa:

Hi Stephen! Long time no see... I have been to Europe and came back 1 week ago. That was so fun but now I'm feeling bad... The hot weather back in Japan made me sick. ( European countries were so comfy ) I need sleep . This time, I'm sending you some pictures of the third round of the world championships, which took place in the Czech Republic .

Kenichi Iwasa

A jump up contest was held on Friday. Japanese guy Keita Miyaoka made 175 cm up . He is riding titanium bike same as Hasenaka (Ed: This up was done front wheel-hook style, as evidenced from the low rear-tire marks!)

Awesome guy from Czech " Michel Matys " made 155 up with Monty stock bike .

Section 10 was artificial .

Who is this handsome boy standing on the middle?

High school boy from Belgium "Kenny Belay " won the elite class.