Vail Trials Shootout
NATS Number 5
Vail, Colorado

Story and results submitted by Tony Borean... A big round of applause for him, please!

Saturday, July 29, 2000 - Modified bikes
    On Saturday the modified bikes ruled Vail as the National Trials Series made its stop there. The comp was only open to expert and pro riders, so guys like me had to sit this one out. There was plenty of action to watch though. I actually had the best seat in the house for the comp as I judged the whole thing. The morning started out with four expert riders taking turns on the five sections set up for them. The first three sections were entirely urban/man made stuff. Mostly big moves off of wire spools etc. Sections four and five were mostly natural; they wove their way through a big fountain containing lots of rocks. Again big moves were abundant. Section five started with a 6-7' drop in right off the bat. Chris Pascucci, riding for team Trialsin USA, dominated the competition with 14 dabs and 4 cleans. He rode very well, looking extremely smooth. His best score for the day was a -1, he took a negative line and cleaned the section, all with grace and style.

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Sunday, July 30, 2000 - Stock bikes
    The stock competition got off on Monday morning (a little late as usual). The sections were similar to Saturday's, with the best action at four and five due to the big moves over natural terrain. The expert competition was pretty exciting. It was a close competition all the way to the end. Ross McMaster (Trialsin USA) was kicking butt in the beginning. After the first round he had 4 dabs and 3 cleans. Close behind was Chris Pascucci with 6 dabs and 3 cleans. Ross had it sewn up, until he spectacularly fived the last section, after missing a gap and landing on his back in the water, getting completely soaked. He came up smiling though, with just a scrape on his chin for the effort. Andy Dole and Aaron Lutze (both ride for Schwinn) made a good showing also, pulling off some big moves and getting the crowd amped up. Tom Hayes rode pretty well until section four (round one) when he sprained his ankle after missing a gap. He sucked it up and rode the rest of the competition. Way to go Tom.

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