2000 British Biketrials Championships - Round 3
June 18, 2000

Some photos hopefully to come soon!

Report from UK Ambassador, Paul Thomson:
A hot and dry June 18th and a rocky hillside in Matlock, Derbyshire hosted the third round of the 2000 British Biketrials Championships. Extreme heat, extreme dehydration and extreme sections were the order of the day. Much to our disappointment we quickly discovered the waterfall section from last year was not featured - denying many a refreshing swim mid section. Despite this, the ten sections offered an interesting variety of, err, rock, and countless opportunities for flash moves and big crashes.

Superb organisation saw that most sections had the necessary two observers and the competition began without a major hitch. Each rider had a starting section marked on their score card ensuring an even spread of riders as the trial began. The only stutter came when starting each rider on section 1 after the first lap, regardless of their initial section. Common sense soon stepped in when queuing became an issue and subsequent riders started their second lap at their original marked section.

First lap of the Elites showed a similar pattern to the previous rounds - Chris Akrigg (Pace) was at home on the rocky sections, with Martin Hawyes snapping at his heels and Eddie Tongue suffering from a 5 in section 9, both on 7 dabs.

By the end of the event though, the situation was slightly different. An amazing second lap by Pashley ace Eddie saw off both series leader, Akrigg, and Giant's Hawyes. Managing to clear every single section, Eddie maintained his total of 7 and got a well deserved first national Elite round win. Martin improved on his first lap score to finish on 11, equal dabs with Chris, but less cleans, leaving him in 3rd.

Elsewhere, David Holmes took the seniors win, edging out Barry Deeks for the current senior points leader. Expect this class to be a closely fought battle in the last two rounds.

Kurt Brain once again took top spot in the junior category with 3 dabs, narrowly beating Kris Leeson on 4. Kurt is considering changing to stock bikes next year and a quick spin on my Monty after the event proved he is capable of replicating his winning style on 26" wheels. Be afraid...

The after show party turned in an extreme move demo by Chris Akrigg. A small crowd gathered round a huge set of rocks that would have mortals reaching for their climbing boots. Chris made a 6 foot gap to a foot square angled rock, followed by a 4 foot up to similar pointy rock look like a light warm up. Seven foot up from a two inch kicker ramp? No problem. These are the sort of moves that separate Chris from the rest of the field and neither Martin H. or Eddie T. could match him. Last years champion may have missed out this round, but expect him to bounce back in September for round 4.


1. Eddie Tongue (Pashley) 7
2. Chris Akrigg (Pace) 11 (m/c)
3. Martin Hawyes (Giant) 11
4. Stuart Matthews (Megamo) 37
5. Stevie Thompson (MAD Saracen) 38
6. R. Lynch (Monty) 39 (m/c)
7. Matt Tongue (Pashley) 39
8. J. Sheridan (Pashley) 48 (m/c)
9. Barry Huskinson (Megamo) 48
10. Paul Thomson (Monty) 57
11. Darren King (DMR) 63

1. David Holmes (Megamo) 17
2. J. Wilson (?) 19 (m/c)
3. John Taylor (Pashley) 19

1. Kurt Brain (Megamo) 3
2. Kris Leeson (Orange) 4
3. Chris Wright (Monty) 12