Stephen Maeder's Mike Bike

The frame is a MikeBike Sidehop, hand made in Poland. It has a 1085 mm wheelbase, +20 mm BB height, 375 mm chainstays, and is made of aircraft quality 7020 oversize aluminum tubing. The top tube is probably one of the largest diameters used in a bicycle, and helps contribute to a stiff frame.

Zoo! oversized riser bars, ergonomic grips (I love them - they do a great job at greatly reducing pressure on your palms and fingers, allowing you to ride longer and with less stress), Magura HS33 rear brake, and Magura Marta SL front brake (with Avid Juicy Seven rotor).

Echo booster, Odyssey Twisted Pro petals, Try-All Trials tire

Tensile 170 mm ISIS front freewheel cranks, White Industries 18 tooth trials freewheel (twice the engagement points as a regular White Industries freewheel).

Shimano Ultegra rear derailleur (set up as a chain tensioner with no shifter, since there's only one gear - a Chris King 16 tooth "Kog").

Echo drilled rims front and rear, Echo hubs (fixed rear hub, of course, since the freewheel is on the crank).

Chris King headset, Echo Urban aluminum disc fork, and Maxxis Hansventure prototype front tire (Slow Reezay rubber for the sidewall, and Super Tacky for the tread - best front tire I've ever used, but was never mass produced.