Jeff Lenosky's Schwinn Trials bike
(pictures taken at Invert 2000)

Schwinn Trials frame
Shimano XTR levers
Shimano XTR front brake
Mavic D521 rims
Manitou X-Vert suspension fork

AC CrMo cranks 170 mm
Threshold bashring
Sachs Chain with powerlink
Sun-Ringle platform pedals?

Shimano DX rear brake
Shimano Carbon Booster

A Britney Spears sticker?! :-)

Jeff Lenosky sometimes answers questions directed to him on "Trials Talk!" on this site... Here's one of his replies to someone asking about his setup...

The set up I have used for the past few years has been a 90mm x 10 degree rise titec stem with a 1 1/2 inch rise bar. My fork has always been at a 80mm ride height which is about the same as a Brisa rigid fork, and my bike has a 5" headtube on it. The new titec bars are wider than the old ones which were only 26" wide, so you shouldn't need extensions anymore. I'm 6'4" but I think my front end is relatively low for my size. BB height effects how high your bars will feel to... For instance, my bars are close to JJ's to Lance Trappe's when they are compared side by side but my bb is 1/2 inch lower so when you are on the bike, my bars are technically higher. Is a J hop a bunnyhop? I think a medium bar hieght is best for bunnyhopping. The front end is hard to lift the lower your bars are, but if your bars are too high it's hard to level out a bunnyhop. It takes a lot of experimenting to find out what feels best for you, try a bunch of different stems and bars, you will definately find that some feel better than others for your personal style.